Lounge chair buying guide

Lounge Chairs. A space to relax, unwind and read. Lazy mornings, cosy evenings.

Which lounge chair is perfect for you?

When its time to choose, here’s our helpful guide to making the right choice for you.

What to consider

Think about what you’d like from your lounge chair?
 It's got to be practical, have the right level of comfort for you and has to coordinate with your furnishings.
A lounge chair is a key piece of furniture for any room. There’s nothing better than the comfort of a lounge chair and Ottoman to sink into and watch tv or read a book.
Do you prefer a high-backed chair with more support for your head and neck offering a bit more privacy?
Or a recliner which is a more laid-back and restful experience. Do you like putting your feet up or curling up in a cosy chair, do you like the support of armrests? 

Your space

How much space have you got?
Measure up, make sure you take into account if the chair has a high backrest and armrests.
Always check access, is there enough room to get your new chair through doorways etc?
You’ll want to make the most of your space but you don’t want anything too big or small. In smaller spaces keep furniture to minimum, a smaller footprint is better for a small space combined with light upholstery which will give you an illusion of space. Smaller Lounge Chairs are designed to fit in even the smallest living room or corner of a bedroom. 


You’ve chosen your style of lounge chair now to choose the material.Practicalities matter. How often will you use the chair? Do you have children and pets?
Whereabouts in the room will the chair be? Direct sunlight fades materials and ages it so do think about where you’re positioning your chair.
Leather is easy to clean, long lasting and luxurious. It will develop a beautiful patina and soften over time. Its a practical choice if you have children and pets.
Fabric, there are many different fabric you can choose for your chair, wool, linen, cotton and velvets. A fabric upholstered chair will make it soft and tactile to the touch and look appealing.
Its always best to order some swatches and try them in your space before committing to it. That way you can touch the material and see how it looks with the rest of home.


It’s really a personal choice, but some colours do work best in certain spaces and rooms.  In a large room darker colours add colour and drama, In smaller rooms, a lighter colour will feel more spacious. What works with the rest of the room?

What is your style? Pale colours work well in a minimal look, richer darker more playful colours in a more eclectic style.

Order samples to have a look at them in situ.

Our favourite Lounge Chairs

From design classics that perfectly combine comfort, aesthetics and style, to new more recent designs that will stand the test of time, here are some of our favourites.

Vitra Eames Lounge Chair

Probably the most iconic and recognisable lounge chair in the world. Designed in 1956, the Vitra Eames Lounge chair is beautifully constructed using the highest quality of materials available. The Eames Lounge chair and Ottoman have become a benchmark in twentieth century design. Furthermore, the various combinations of leather upholstery covers, wooden shells and bases are now complemented by a white edition and a black edition.

Vitra Grand Repos

The Grand Repos Wing Chair by Antonio Citterio offers exceptional comfort, particularly when paired with the Panchina footstool. It's backrest and seat surface can be moved to different opening angles – from a comfortable sitting position to a relaxed reclined position – by means of a synchronous mechanism hidden in the interior of the upholstery. The armchair can be locked into any desired position.

Carl Hansen + Son CH25

The CH25 lounge chair, like many of Hans J. Wegner’s other iconic designs, is clean and simple in its distinctive shape. Perfectly crafted and supremely comfortable this is one of greatest chair designs of all time. Its classic silhouette is timeless with the unique angle of the back legs adding a cool design feature. The craftsmanship involved in creating the seat and backrest in paper cord is astounding. It has a unique weave that uses more than 400 meters of cord and takes a skilled weaver 8-10 hours to complete.

&Tradition Little Petra

Little Petra, designed by Viggo Boesen is indeed surprisingly petite, able to fit into all kinds of spaces, interiors and environments. Low to the ground, open and embracing, it embodies the essence of a lounge chair, allowing for all kinds of seating positions in any cosy setting imaginable. A lot of work has gone into ensuring the utmost comfort, from the seat to the upholstery.

Knoll Womb chair

The beautiful Womb chair and Ottoman was created by Eero Saarinen for acclaimed designer Florence Knoll. Her request was "a chair that was like a basket full of pillows, something I could really curl up in." Designed in 1948, the Womb chair, made exclusively for Knoll, displays the Finnish-born designer's flair for challenging rules, breaking moulds and setting new standards for modern design.

SCP Balzac

SCP Balzac Armchair is an iconic armchair and ottoman designed by British designer Matthew Hilton.Available in two iconic leather colours. It was included in the well-known Taschen book “1000 Chairs” and has a permanent residency at the Geffrye Museum (now called the Museum of the Home).
Handmade and crafted exclusively in the UK.

House of Juhl Pelican chair

First presented by Finn Juhl at the Copenhagen Cabinetmakers’ Guild Exhibition in 1940,the Pelican Chair quickly stood out with its unique shape and bold, sturdy legs. The characteristic soft and organic shape is almost like a body holding a body. When you sit down, the chair practically gives you a friendly hug.

Artek Karuselli

Designed in 1964 the Karuselli Lounge Chair is one of the most unique designs ever seen. The form is a result of extensive experimentation, looking at the shape and proportions of the body, that has created a piece boasting extreme comfort and a very unique shape. Shaped to echo the human body, Its comfort helped by the swivel mechanism is un-paralleled and is paramount in the design.

Lamino chair and footstool

The Lamino Armchair & Footstool was designed by Swedese founder Yngve Ektrom in 1956. Widely regarded as the most comfortable easy chair ever to come out of Scandinavia. Lamino is a prime example of a timeless design classic. Using natural materials and masterful craftsmanship have resulted in a piece of furniture as attractive today as it will be for future generations.