Storage buying guide

Getting your house organised can make such a difference to how your day-to-day life feels. Less stressful, more focused, less clutter. There are lots of options of storage solutions to best suit any space or home. 

More headspace

Now the work-home-life lines are becoming more blurred and with more of us working from home than ever, having the right storage solutions is an essential part of the new hybrid life, whatever the size of space you have.

Questions to ask yourself

Where is the storage to go?
How much space do you have and do you want it built in or free standing?
What is it you need to store? Do you want to be able to store items away or have them on display?
Open or closed storage?
What style would fit in with the decoration in the rest of your house?
Does the size of storage look in proportion to the room or space?

Storage options


Shelving can be a good solution in any space from smaller spaces to larger ones. For displaying items such as ceramics or ornaments a small shelf or shelves will suffice or a large system for a bigger room will make the most of the space for storage.


Perfect for small spaces

Case Arca wall box, keep your space clutter free with the elegant Case Arca Wall Box designed by David Irwin. Crafted in solid oak or walnut, this practical piece features a mirror, shelf, storage compartments and a magnetic noticeboard for placing those important reminders.

Standing shelving

HAY Woody is a free-standing shelving system which combines the timeless elegance of a solid, soap treated 25mm oak frame with contemporary powder coated steel shelves. Woody comes in a range of sizes and compositions to suit your requirements and can be mixed and matched for a unique look. 

String for flexibility

String shelving system, a timeless design from Nils Strinning includes floor panels, pocket shelves,  shelves, cabinets, magazine shelves and desks.  String is a thoughtful addition to most spaces.


Cabinets are perfect to keep lots of items organised and shut away behind doors and drawer fronts.

There are many different cabinet sizes, styles and variations available, there will be the one that’s perfect for your needs.

Timeless design

Punt Tactile is a sideboard which is simplistic and elegant in design. Tactile has no handles, a simple touch initiates the opening of a drawer or door

Flexible design classic

USM comes in various sizes and options, these can be added to at any time and are available in some amazing colours

Iconic design


House of Finn Juhl, this iconic sideboard was originally designed by Finn Juhl in 1955 for Danish furniture manufacturer Bovirke. With a stunning walnut frame, the contemporary design creates a stylish storage area and surface space to display and organise decorative accessories and personal belongings. The sideboard is a luxurious representation of craftsmanship and iconic modernism that offers timeless design.

Perfect solution for bathroom design

With its mirrored cabinet door and towel hanging you don't need anything else than String. This configuration includes a set of 3 organisers in a variety of sizes that attach to the side panels where you wish.

Hooks, racks and stands

It's often the details that can make a big difference. Buying smartly to increase storage in halls and rooms can really stand out as well as provide functional ways to live better every day. To help order cluttered spaces in our home, we can use hooks racks or stands.  Hooks, to organise your outdoor coats in the hallway, keep shoes easy to access and sorted or perhaps to hang towels in the bathroom. Functional yet stylish options to solve the problem.



Vitra hang it all, used instead of simple hooks, these brightly-coloured wooden spheres were aimed at encouraging children to hang up "all their things". Because the distance between the spheres always remains the same, Hang it all can be extended as required and is a cheerful alternative to boring clothes-hooks, not only for children's rooms but also hallways, bedrooms



String shoe rack to organise your footwear, get your shoes easily accessible and sorted in style in your hallway.The Shoe shelf is made of metal and comes in 3 different colours and 2 sizes



SCP Agnes Side table is a low three-shelf version of the design, ideal as a beside or for small hallways. It is made from solid oak or walnut with veneered shelves. Agnes side Table comes "out of the box" as a solid one piece item, with no assembly required.

Adjustable storage

Adjustable storage options will allow for change, whether you have kids that are growing up and your storage needs change or youre moving house and need your storage to adapt to your new space, adjustable storage can be the answer. It can be added too or reconfigured as you require.

Colourful flexibilty

USM Haller modular furniture originated in 1963 and has become a classic in terms of design and functionality. Perfect for the home or office, USM Haller furniture remains flexible in its design offering infinite configurations with the added option of doors, drawers, filing systems, wheels and a multitude of internal fittings.

Optimised storage

String shelving is simple to assemble and the shelves can be easily moved and re-positioned as your needs change. Your belongings are kept in place by the side panels, with shelves of different depths that can be combined in the same unit to make truly unique system to you. When more shelf space is needed, simply add an additional side panel and some shelves. This flexibility and the minimalistic timeless design is the reason why String still attracts so much praise after 60 years in production.


Take time to consider where the storage is going to go, if its shelving that will be fixed to the wall consider the type of wall, whether its flat and what weight the shelf with its contents will be. Always best to check with an expert first. Most of the modular storage requires some assembly so decide whether you’ll be able to do this yourself or need help.