The Carl Hansen + Son Wishbone Chair Collection

The Carl Hansen + Son Wishbone Chair Collection

The Wishbone Chair, also known as CH24  is a timeless piece of Modern Danish design. Designed by Hans J. Wegnerin 1949 the chair is inspired by portraits of Danish merchants sitting in traditional Ming chairs with a very Scandinavian design aesthetic.

The chair pretty much sums up everything we love about Danish design. The feel of the curved frame that revolutionised the way dining chairs were designed. The recognisable Y shaped back that is supremely comfortable. The functional and organic form that meets the archetypal Danish aesthetic.

You will see the Wishbone Chair in the best modern homes, restaurants, hotels and cafes around the world. We only sell the original, that takes weeks and over a hundred steps to make, with its iconic woven paper seat that is sustainable and will last fifty years.


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