Carl Hansen + Son on why great design comforts us

One of the things that Knud Erik Hansen, the third generation CEO of Carl Hansen + Son, home of the iconic Wishbone Chair, believes about why designs from over a century ago remain relevant, is:

“We feel a little bit for what you experienced when you were a child - being at your grandparent’s place, or your parents place. Those days are normally associated with peace, safety, and happiness. Therefore we all have a certain - perhaps, unconscious - culture in the back of our heads saying this is where we come from. This is beautiful. This is what we want to keep.”  Source - Designcurial.

We both like this sentiment, it feels strongly connected to our own values and we love the stories that get passed down via unforgettable and generation-spanning designs.

Carl Hansen + Son have just released a new story about the history of their brand, how the death of his father left Knud Erik’s mother in a very difficult position, and how she used her unwavering belief in the brand to keep it thriving so it could be passed down to her sons.

Watch the emotive story below.



The brand story Since the 1950s, Carl Hansen + Son has been the largest producer of Hans J Wegner (known as Master of the Chair) furniture - including the timeless Wishbone Chair. Their commitment to uncompromising craftsmanship - installed in the company over a hundred years ago - means they continue to inspire a more contemporary buyer today through their collaborations with some of the most exciting designers.

Click to shop Carl Hansen + Son and view the Wishbone Chair collection. If you'd like to read more head over to '5 things you didn't know about the Wishbone Chair.'

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