Vitra at Tramshed + Jean Prouvé

Matt and I love Jean Prouvé, he’s one of our favourite all-time designers. We have a couple of Vitra Standard chairs and the Vitra Cite armchair in our living room. 

Vitra have just launched their new flagship at Tramshed, Shoreditch as part of the London Design Festival, as well as the newJean Prouvé collection. Tramshed is a Grade II listed building in Rivington Street that was originally a power station.

And it’s there that they have an installation showcasing their latest collaboration with the family of Jean Prouvé, which is now live on our website. Vitra is re issuing four designs by Prouvé.


Tabouret no 307

Designed in the 1950s, with the look of a tractor seat, similar in style to the seats in the lecture theatre at Aix Marseille University which he designed at a similar time.


Talbouret Métallique

Ideal as a side table or stool, this was originally designed in 1936 and has been newly reissued by Vitra.


Vitra Rayonnage mural shelves

The wall-mounted shelving unit Rayonnage Mural is reminiscent of a ships rudder and features in a number of Jean Prouvé designs.


Vitra Fauteuil De Salon chair - Nubia fabric

In a gorgeous colour palette this is a well-designed chair that mixes steel, wood and fabric. It focuses on the structural aesthetic that he's known for.

Vitra Standard chair

The Vitra Standard Chair dates back to 1935 when he was working with a thin steel sheet.

Vitra is expanding the palette for Jean Prouvé’s furniture to include some of the original Prouvé colours: the existing options of deep black, Japanese red and Blanc Colombe will be joined by Gris Vermeer, Bleu Dynastie, Blé Vert and Bleu Marcoule, as well as the Métal Brut variant in unpainted steel.




We're looking forward to visiting London and the new Vitra flagship that's split into three floors:

The Club. The Club is an office installation geared towards the post-pandemic needs. Vitra implemented a similar space in Switzerland.

The Gallery. In the basement there's currently focus on the updated Jean Prouvé collection.
The Loft. A space to host events and meetings, due to open in 2023.


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