USM Haller: Furniture born from architecture

A storage system we both use at home, USM Halleris well-made, hugely functional, adaptable as our needs as humans evolve. It’s also a brand we believe in, who lead the way in sustainability and good environmental practices.

For more, read our conversation with Kelly Harrington, who talks about her USM sideboard used as a hallway sneaker drawer.

The USM story dates back to 1885, when it was founded as a metalworking and locksmith’s business by Ulrich Schaerer. The factory and headquarters were built in Muningen where they remain to this day.

Third generation Paul Schaerer joined the company in 1961 and stewarded the business into a new era. Paul had studied engineering at Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich and was keen to update USM’s factory and offices.

He commissioned architect Fritz Haller to design a new space that utilised a steel modular construction system that was very flexible and adaptable to manufacturing changes.

A storage solution for every need

Fritz Haller was an influential Swiss architect whose range of work spanned office buildings, residential projects as well as furniture. Today, his work is known for the use of extendable and repeatable quadratic systems; a sort of building block system. 


 In 1963 Haller and Schaerer developed furniture to match the new surroundings. It was built with a system of steel modules that could be reconfigured when required.

Once launched, the system was the subject of much attention and so the USM Haller system began to be produced commercially in 1969.

In the 1970’s USM Haller became a global business, with showrooms around the world, and since the early 2000s have become not only known as a modern design company, thanks to their inclusion in the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York, but they were the first European products to be awarded Greenguard accreditation. This means their products have low chemical and particle emissions.


A unique modular system

USM Haller's modular furniture is now a design classic in typical functional style. Flexible to design, there are infinite configurations with added options of doors, drawers, filing, wheels and more depending if you are looking for home office shelving, living room shelving, media units, sideboards or cabinets. 

The range comes in fourteen colours and it's the ease to put together that makes it a favourite of ours. In our home we use it to display our records and house our record player.


** You can go to the USM Haller Configurator and build your own bespoke system if we don't have what your looking for, send us the drawing and we can price up for you or let us know what you want and we will do it for you - USM Haller Configurator


If you want something already made, here are some of our best-sellers and personal favourites from the USM Haller collection:


USM Haller sideboard

Made from powder-coated metal panels with chromed tubular frame this is durable, adaptable and will look good for time. It also includes two No. drop down doors with soft close and two open sections with back panels and the feet are adjustable.

Shop the USM Sideboard 2 


USM Haller home office

A compact fit for a home office that's ideal for a small space or when you need to add in a home working space into a living space or even kitchen. There's space to store documents and files and a drop-down door so you can close it up when you've finished. The top section is ideal for laptop working. 

Shop the USM Haller Home Office


USM Media unit 1

The signature Haller configuration 1 unit is the ultimate in flexible storage.  The classic ball connectors and modules can be integrated into any space you like, or used as a stand alone media unit with covered storage as well as open shelves to display your media. As with all USM Haller storage, it can easily be adapted as your home requirements change and evolve over time.

Shop USM Media Unit


For more inspiration view the full USM Haller Storage collection. 

Shop the USM Collection


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