USM Haller A world of plants

“A beautiful plant is like having a good friend around the house.” – Beth Ditto

The new World Of Plants shelving from USM Haller provides a stylish and different approach to conventional shelving.

We all know that plants are good for purifying the air around us, helping us breathe, relaxing us, and providing a healthy dose of nature inside our homes and offices.

But did you know that being surrounded by plants also makes us more productive, and creative and gives us added focus?

Biophilia - the joy of interacting with nature - is recognised as beneficial to our overall wellbeing everywhere we go, from the doctor's waiting room to meeting rooms. In short, the more plants we can see and touch as we go about our daily lives, the happier we will feel.

USM Haller - home of the cult steel modular storage system designed by architect Fritz Haller in the 1960s - has greened up its iconic system to include integrated plant accessories and watering system.

A metal panel allows you integrate plant pots into the furniture system and they can be displayed alongside other objects in your home or workspace.

Matt and I love that the linear metal grid contrasts with the organic and green form of plants. This would work so well in a co-working or creative office or to transform a modern living room into an indoor oasis.”

The watering set consists of a pot insert and water level indicator to regulate and extend the pouring cycle. Have a look and remember that we can help you design, plan and price up your bespoke USM Haller System just get in touch.

USM haller: shelving (M56)

Thanks to the supplied plant accessories that allow you to integrate your pot plants into the USM furniture, your USM Haller shelving is no longer simply used as storage and creates a green feature in any interior space. The plant accessories comprise three pots for your indoor plants, plus one watering set per pot for efficient watering. The set ensures that the plants in your urban jungle are watered evenly. The perforated panels give the unit a see-through and light aesthetic.

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USM: a world of plants sideboard (m57)

The M57 sideboard is flexible and adaptable, and ideally suited as an entertainment unit. With the World Of Plants version you can seamlessly integrate greenery into your storage. We love the example above to greenify this record unit.

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