The Story Behind GAN Furniture and Rugs

GAN, the textiles arm of the Valencia-based family business that has been reinvented to celebrate craftsmanship and design, with each GAN rug handmade in India using natural fibres like cotton, linen, silk, jute and wool. GAN are sustainable and ethical too, working within the rural communities who make the rugs, pouffes and more to ensure their ancient traditions are revalued for modern times.

“Avant-garde design advances driven by ancient traditions.” is how GAN describe themselves.

Why do we love them? A total commitment to craftsmanship and design, they are bright, bold and beautiful.

Every rug is "GoodWeave" certified which ensures they are not manufactured using child labour. They are insulators, reducing energy consumption and made without any animal suffering.

Sustainable, keep forever, click to view the full GAN Furniture and Rugs collection and here are a few of our favourite pieces.

GAN Mangas Caramelo Pouffe

GAN Mangas Caramelo Pouffe is available in two colours, based on a patchwork of design wool knits which form a sleeve shape, creating its textural finish. Designed in collaboration with Spanish designer and architect Patricia Urquiola, who also designs for Flos and Kartell, this is a stunning and unique piece of furniture to come home to.


GAN Mangas Mini Caramelo Rug

GAN Mangas Mini Caramelo rug this small rug is stunning, and feels so nice underneath your feet. Part of the GAN Mangas range, it can be used alongside the other mini rugs in the collection to create a larger rug or on its own. Each of the tones are different yet complement each other.


GAN Mangas Rhombus Rug

Iconic, in its unique cross design, the Mangas Rhombus rug uses contrasting textures and is made by looping earth-coloured thread with ivory herringbone. 


View the full GAN Furniture & Rug Collection 

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