Nesting heaven and finding gentle order this January

Because it’s January and like you, we’re enjoying a mix of the cold weather and downtime spent resting in our home, we especially loved the story of the nesting mouse that’s featured in the news this week.

If you haven’t heard the story yet, the ‘Welsh Tidy Mouse’ was named by Rodney Holbrook, who recorded unusual tidying activity in his shed. In the footage, he captured the mouse gathering clothes pegs, corks, nuts and bolts and placing them in a tray on his workbench.

According to the specialist interviewed on BBC Radio 6 Music’s Lauren Laverne show, this is typical nesting behaviour for this time of year.

And, just like the Welsh rodent, most of us do use this time of year to sort and organise our houses! Matt and I are the same as many of you in this respect, after the lack of routine and extra belongings that Christmas brings, we have a strong design for order and routine. The cold weather outside is also perfect excuse to stay indoors and organise.

It doesn't require a full-on Marie Kondo approach either, nesting can feel soft and gentle and slow, as we take the time to go from room to room to reflect on what works for our homes and workspaces.

Here are some of our favourite pieces that help us nest and make our homes feel more functional and more aesthetically pleasing.


Soft curves that bring your collectibles to life - SCP Agnes 
"Our task as designers is about getting the balance right between form, function, craftsmanship and price."
Sarah Kay and Andrea Stemmer

Make your display items even more beautiful with the always-popular SCP Agnes collection. The soft curves make it feel as beautiful as it is functional. Female-designed by Sarah Kay and Andrea Stemmer and British made by sustainably focused SCP since 2007, the Agnes collection is a design classic if the phrase is measured by a piece’s popularity.

Shop SCP Agnes

Bringing light and industrial cool to your space - USM Haller

Matt and I are total USM Haller enthusiasts. You can read more about their brand story here, but they are really popular with our customers and can be used in an infinite number of ways. We love this light, bright space filled with some of our favourite pieces (hello, Snoopy light), it feels so continental and contemporary. 

Shop USM Haller


For kneeling on as you restock your shelves - Hay Braided Rugs

Hay have a collection of really beautiful rugs. This Braided Rug isthe result of colour-master Clara von Zweigbergk’s exploration with braiding, crocheting and weaving techniques.

At the moment you can save 20% off all Hay Rugs in our winter sale 

Shop Hay rugs


Tidy Mouse your things away - Vitra Corniches

Perfect, as Vitra say, “for the spontaneous storage of miscellaneous objects”. These little rock-shaped pieces leave full scope for your imagination to run wild with how you use them. 

Shop Vitra Corniches


Get your bedside in order - Case Valentine bedside table

Championing another British brand - also popular with you all - this bedside table, designed by Matthew Hilton is the perfect place to display the books you got for Christmas and rethink your reading list for the rest of nesting season.

Shop Case Valentine


Nest yourself away in a corner by the fire - Swedese Lamino chair and footstool

The most popular Swedish chair of all time, you (and us) never tire of this ultimate comfort chair. It's perfect for all nesting activities - watching the birds at the feeder from your window, reading by the fire as the soft winter sun sets, sipping a morning tea and watching your favourite movie. 

Shop Swedese Lamino Chair and footstool



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