Mood-boosting hues to cure the blues

We’ve had ‘blue Monday’, the days aren’t lengthening as fast as we’ve liked and it's the time of year to spend evenings at home watching must-see series, films you have wanted to watch forever and reading the pile of books you got for Christmas.

January is a month we search for happiness, and surrounding ourselves with the colours that make us feel energised, inspired, creative or calm is a way to bring happiness into our homes. It's deeply personal too, everyones feelings for certain colours are usually guided by our own personal experiences and cultural references. As well as eating the rainbow, here are some of our favourite pieces to radiate good feelings around your space:

Summer might feel miles away but you can bring the sea inside. This SCP blue lines rug by Donna Wilson is inspired by the light and fluidity of a watercolour painting. The soft blue rippling patterns of the sea is both energising and calming.

USM do colour so well. This green USM media unit on wheels will brighten up your living area. Media units are traditionally quite boring, but this is a stand out piece of furniture that will last the test of time.

This Artemide Tolomeo desk lamp in anodized orange will bring cheer and warmth to your desk on the dullest of days.

For a multi-coloured piece of furniture, the Hay colour cabinet with glass doors is unique and eye-catching. Designed by Belgian visual artist duo Muller Van Severen, the cabinet is made from organically dyed Valchromat (FSC certified) with reeded glass doors. Even thought it is colourful, it still feels functional and minimalistic.

One of the all-time favourite chairs, and top of most of our customers wishlists, is the Carl Hansen + Søn Wishbone chair. This version, in orange red lacquer with the natural hand-woven iconic paper cord seat, will transform a tired space and inject new life into it. 


In industrial glossy green, the Flos Smithfield, designed by Jasper Morrison and is inspired by London's Smithfield meat market. It has a diffuser at the bottom of the shade that brings a subtle quality to the light it radiates.

We also think this SCP Bean Bag in rose olive brings the 1970s favourite - the bean bag - right up-to-date for the modern home. Its exceptionally comfortable and made from the softest pure wool. Designed by Donna Wilson and made in Norfolk, this is a beautiful piece of furniture to bring colour into your room.


We can't talk about colour in winter without mentioning yellow. The golden glow of the sun is possible with the Flos Bellhop table light in yellow. It's portable too, so you can move it around your home as you wish. 

Finally, if you'd like a serene but colourful dining space, the Hay two colour dining table in blue with ochre legs is subtle but cheerful and modern - a combination that Hay do so well. Like the colour cabinet mentioned above, the table is designed by Muller Van Severen and is made from organic Valchromat. It comes in several sizes, shapes and colour combinations.

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