Buy Better This Black Friday sale

A Letter from Helen & Matt

As we approach Black Friday we want to share with you more about why we created Cimmermann back in 2004. 

Our why is exactly the same as when we started. We believe in buy once, keep forever, and hope to inspire others to do the same. For us, that’s about buying classic pieces that are meant to last, trying to get away from the planet damaging idea of buying cheap, throw-away items. 

Like you, we care about nature and for that reason we buy mindfully, we buy items we want to pass down and we tell our own story through our home. We have just got the keys to our new house, a rennovation project, which we will share with you soon. You can read more about our old house and life here, all photos thanks to The Modern House. We'll be sharing some of our renovations over on Instagram so please do follow us over there.

So, we have mixed feelings about Black Friday. Being a family-run business (with a team of two), we need to be able for our business to thrive but also to keep our values at the heart of what we do. That’s why, this year, we’ve decided to plant a tree with every order we get. We already partner with Ecologi to plant trees every month but throughout the Black Friday period we will be planting more trees.

If you are starting to think about what you want to invest in this month, here are five pieces that are on our wishlist to buy for our new home, and why:

Vitra Nelson Bench

The Vitra Nelson bench is a flexible addition to a home, it can be used as a bench or a table. We would use it a a coffee table in our living room and will be ordering it with the natural top and black legs. In the future we can then use it elsewhere in the house if we want to so it's a good investment for the future.

Lamino chair and ottoman

The Swedese Lamino chair and ottoman have been on our wish list for a long time. It's a design classic, designed in 1956 and makes the perfect spot to get comfortable and read a book.

Snoopy light

Designed in 1967, the snoopy light by Achille Castiglioni this light looks as good today as it did then.  Its been a favourite of ours for a very long time. I was a huge fan of the snoopy cartoon when I was little so maybe that has had an influence of my love of this light!

Artek table and chairs

The Aalto table and chair 69 are iconic, simple, beautiful design which will sit perfectly in our neww kitchen/dining room (when is hopefully done!).  Theres along leadtime on these pieces but are definitely worth the wait for a table thatll last a lifetime.

USM drawers

We have a USM sideboard in our living room and would love to add a USM chest of drawers for our bedroom. The design is simple, timeless and well made and you can add to it as and when you need.

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