Autumn notes from our Follifoot studio

Matt & I have been embracing the seasonal change, watching the countryside around our studio change colour and feeling ready to wrap up and spend more time indoors.

Behind-the-scenes we’ve been rolling out new rugs from &Tradition and Muuto, that we’ll share with you below and autumnal lighting favourites of ours to get ready to hunker down, stay warm and tap into mood lighting to see you through the winter.



In perfect time for Autumn with the colder weather we've got some new addtions to our rug selection to keep your toes cosy. 

The Relevo rug by Muuto which is sculptural and graphic. The design is trimmed to two different levels, exploring the interplay between light and shadow, providing two-tone depth to your floors. Available in a range of shades, from warm burnt orange, rich dark green to fresh tones of sage green and off white.

The second rug from Muuto is the Pebble rug which has an alluring and appealing surface, inspired by the sensuous feeling of walking across the pebbles on a beach. Pebble Rug has a modern woven texture perfect for the home to create a tactile ambience and feel.


Framed by &tradition is made from 100% New Zealand wool, the Framed rug provides accents of colour without overpowering a room. Crafted from two weaving techniques, it contrasts a vibrant hand-woven border against a calm, monochromatic kilim centre.

The &Tradition Cruise rug is a beautiful handloom-woven rug expertly crafted in India. This production technique produces a dense, soft and highly exclusive velvet-like finish. Cruise rug by &tradition take inspiration from the luxury cruise ships that sailed from Europe to Mumbai in the late 1930s, with its simple graphic design referencing the sports courts on the deck.



Inroducing a new lamp in Vitra's Jean Prouvé collection the Lampe de Bureau in 1930. This small table lamp made of sheet steel was designed for the halls of residence at the Cité Universitaire in Nancy. The Lampe de Bureau is constructed from bent sheet steel, which bounces the light rays in a pleasing manner off the back of the light.


Buying guides

Finally, choosing a new piece of forever furniture can be hard. We've written a series of buying guides to help you:

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Liz, Knoll Sarinnen Dining Table 

"Just to say the table has arrived and it is beautiful… thank you - and also please pass our thanks to the delivery company. Their team were fantastic.”

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