2023 : Cimmermann a year in review


It's been a good year for us here at Cimmermann. We've felt inspired by many of the conversations we've had with people for our journal, we've moved home, we had a great experience at the London Design festival, and much more. We thought we'd share a few of our 2023 highlights with you.


How to feel happier in your home

This year we launched a series designed to help us - and you - feel happier at home. We looked at the design principles that improve our well-being, inspiration sources and so much more. If you would like to receive this email series again, sign up to get it in your inbox. Click here to read the full article and sign up.


Matt visited london design festival and felt totally inspired

He went to a designers lunch at SCP, visited the Tom Dixon HYPERMOBILE exhibition and the Hackability of the Stool event. Here are some photos and click below to read the full post and get inspired by British design. Read the full story here.

Our interviews

We met Kelly Harrington in her beautiful Surrey Home. Kelly works around the world as a trend forecaster and her home is filled with the pieces she’s collected on her travels. Click to read the article.



SCP is a furniture brand that puts sustainability at its very heart. We spoke to Sheridan Coakley, founder, at his incredible Hampshire home about all things London and the future of the British furniture industry. Click to read more.



We had a conversation with one of our favourite restaurants, Croft 3 - a community dining room on the Isle of Mull. Read all about it hereand shop our Croft 3 inspired edit here



Henry Tadros, the fourth-generation chairman of historic and much-loved British brand Ercol, and L.Ercolani  shared with us what makes him happy at home. We talked about Brutalism, music and the Italian roots of Ercol. Click to read.



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