Time to breathe: 7 modern gardens to inspire you

We’ve all needed more nature in our lives post-pandemic and Matt and I are no different. Nature is such an important part of our lives - we wrote about rewilding our garden space in our tour of our home - and we believe that the best designs are inspired by the natural world.

So, to inspire us, and you, to fuse the two wherever possible we’re looking at a few of our favourite spaces where the two are entwined seamlessly.


1. A French treehouse - The Enchanting Nest by @studio.shanil 
Studio Shanil Tree House

Photo credit: @studio.shanil

They say: “" The Glass Castle" - allows one to dissolve in this mysterious place which has magic in every nook and one can plausibly live in the childhood fairy tale memory. The translucent shell intends to make your heart heavy and mind naked when you are inside the glass nest, but this time with an unbridled joy and innocence to defy time and transcend down the memory lane. The structural framework is made of the local Oak timber, the shell is wrapped with vacuum insulated thick fluted glass and the volumes nested in multiple levels with terraces in each of the volumes offers a 360 degree viewing experience of the place as one journeys through.”


2. Brutalism and the all brights at the Barbican by Nicole Heredge
London Barbican by Nicole Heredge

Photo Credit: Nicole Heredge

London's Barbican Centre is a huge source of creative inspiration for us - we both love Brutalism and also love spending time in the outdoor spaces there. This photo by Nicole Heredge contrast the brutalist architecture with soft, billowing flowers that look so pretty.


3. Lousiana Museum of Modern Art Copenhagen

Photograph Louisiana Museum of Modern Art

We love this museum that lies on the coast north of Copenhagen for many reasons (why it's Denmarks most visited art gallery) but especially the sculptural garden that surrounds it and the sea views that go on for miles are as immersive as anything inside the museum. Plus, there's an entire wing for children's activities too, so a good choice for family. Read our design lovers guide to Denmark


Louisiana Museum of Modern Art by Marina Senabre

Photograph by Marina Senabre


4. A 3D Garden of Dreams

Peppermitn Gardens, Joe Mortell

Photo credit: Joe Mortell 

London-based artist Joe Mortell creatives epic creative landscapes that we can't help wishing were real. Instead, you can buy his prints online and fill your indoor space with these dream outdoor ones. 


5. Extraordinary landscaping by Wiktor Klyk

Wiktor Klyk

Photo credit: Wiktor Klyk

We recently found this impressive residential landscaped gardens and felt more than a little inspired. The steps flowing down into the sand that flows seamlessly into the water.


6. The Vitra Haus Garden

"I want people to lose themselves in the garden"

Piet Oudolf

A combination of wild-looking, nature attracting gardens belies the amount of planning and detailing in the Vitra Garden.

Oudolf is humble: "I leave it to others to say what I am. For some people, I'm just a gardener."

His work includes New York's High Line, the Serpentine Galleries and the Venice Biennale as well as an edible garden at Noma. Gardens that people flock to.

His influence is so great that his style described as "naturalistic, perennial style' by The Guardian has shaped a new movement in landscaping - The New Perennial Movement.

'Piet Oudolf’s garden has added a fresh dimension to the Campus and opens up a new, ever-changing experience for visitors’

Rolf Fehlbaum, Chairman Emeritus of Vitra

7. The Eames House, California

The Eames House, California

And finally, we can't NOT mention on of our favourite houses, the Eames House in Pacific Palisades, California.

Perhaps the original example of indoors meets outdoors with wild plants surrounding the large glass windows, natural fibre furniture and soft, muted colours, Charles and Ray Eames were ahead of their time in so many ways.


And finally, here's our own slice of nature in Pannal, North Yorkshire. 


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