String Shelving - Hanger Racks

This option lets you specify the Hanger Racks to make up your bespoke String System. Hanger Racks are perfect for hanging glasses from and are used in conjunction with the metal shelves. String is simple to assemble and the shelves can be easily moved and re-positioned as your needs change. Your belongings are kept in place by the side panels, with shelves of different depths that can be combined in the same unit to make truly unique system to you. When more shelf space is needed, simply add an additional side panel and some shelves. This flexibility and the minimalistic timeless design is the reason why String still attracts so much praise after 60 years in production. As well as shelves there are many other components that make up the String range including a desk, foldaway table, cabinets, drawers, bowl shelf and magazine shelf. String is perfect for any room in the home or office.


  • Designing your own bespoke String Shelving system.
    • Dimensions: Depth: 30cm or 20cm x Height: 3cm x Width: 14cm
        • Delivery time: Around 6/8 weeks
        • Hanger Racks need to be used in conjunction with metal shelves
          • The String Collection can be built from the following components -

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