Gan Ndebele Kilim Rug

This beautiful, bold rug is inspired by the colourful facades created by the Ndebele people. These are traditionally painted by women, who decorate their houses with murals of geometric motifs and bright colors.

    • Material:100% new wool
    • Dimensions:Height: 0.6 cm, 170 x 240cm or 200 x 300cm
    • Delivery Time: Normally 3/4 weeks
    • *** Each rug is "GoodWeave" certified, which ensures they are not manufactured using child labour
      Designed By

      Sandra Figuerola studied Fine Arts at the San Carlos Art School in Valencia. In 1984, along with 10 other partners, she founded La Nave design studio, a distinctive concept on the national design scene, inextricably linked with a particular period of Valencian design. She stayed with La Nave until it was disbanded in 1991. In 2010 she set up a new studio, El Almudín, with six other partners. She currently works in various areas ranging from graphic design, editorial design, corporate identity and industrial and textile design, collaborating with both Spanish and international companies.