Gan Duna Kilim Rug


Gan Duna Kilim rug is an ode to the Mediterranean, the combination of its neutral colours is a homage to the Mediterranean sun that brings together all the cities in the region - it evokes the traditional Arab kilims and the desert dunes. The highlight of this design, which also happens to be reversible, is the technique used to seal the seams: a hand sewn colour block border that contrasts with the simplicity of the rest of the rug.

  • Material: 100% New Wool
  • Dimensions: 150 x 200, 170 x 240 or 200 x 300cm
  • Delivery Time: Normally 4 weeks
Designed By

Luis Calabuig, María Mengual and Ana Segovia make up the collective design company Ododdesign. They each received their Degree's in Industrial Design from the University of Valencia in 2001 after which they worked for several national and international companies before establishing Odosdesign in 2005.

Their work is based on the combination of functionality, creativity, and aesthetics, as they aim to offer optimal design solutions to their clients.