Cherner Side Chair

Designed in 1958 the moulded plywood side chair by Norman Cherner is the quintessential dining chair, it is built to be handed down from generation to generation. Its beautiful curves and sculptural design create a unique and inviting appearance.

  • Materials: The seat is made of laminated plywood of graduated thickness, from 15 ply to 5 ply at the thin edge of the shell. Reissued in exacting detail from the original drawings and moulds. "Natural" finishes have a clear top coat where the natural variations in the colour and the grain of the wood are clearly visible. No stain or color enhancements are used. "Classic" finishes use aniline dyes and water-based low VOC varnishes to produce a finish where the natural grain texture of the wood is clearly visible with uniform colour throughout.
  • Dimensions:Height: 80.2cm x Width: 47cm x Depth: 53.2cm Seat height: 45.2cm
  • Delivery Time: Around 4/6 weeks
  • Originally designed in 1958

      Designed By
      Norman Cherner was a revolutionary who led the way in the design and invention of moulded wood furniture. He studied and taught at the Columbia University Fine Arts Department and was an instructor at the Museum of Modern Art in New York from 1947 to 1949. At the same time he also began his practice, embarking on a lifetime exploration of multidisciplinary design. Although best known for his furniture design, his work included almost all aspects of design: from graphics, glassware and lighting, to his pioneering work in prefabricated housing.