Carl Hansen BK15 Outdoor Dining Table Untreated

Bodil Kjær

The BK15 Dining Table was originally designed by Danish architect Bodil Kjaer in 1959, the BK15 Dining Table is part of her iconic indoor-outdoor series. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor living, the elegant BK15 Dining Table is part of a larger collection of expertly crafted and proportioned furniture, the designs of which were inspired by Cubism and contemporary architecture.

  • Materials:Solid Untreated Teak
  • Dimensions:Width - 152.5cm x Depth - 76cm x Height - 74cm
  • Designed in 1959
  • Delivery Time:Around 4/6 weeks
Designed By
Over the years Bodil Kjær has designed a number of furniture pieces or as she prefers to call them architectural elements. Her aim was never to create sculptural statements but rather to find functional, economic, and aesthetic solutions. Kjær was born in 1932 and grew up on her family’s ancestral farm near Horsens, Denmark, where she learned to appreciate quality and aesthetics. After school, she went to England to study architecture, but returned to Denmark a year later. She enrolled at the Frederiksberg Technical College and the School of Interior Design, where she learned to create spaces from experts such as Finn Juhl and Jørgen Ditzel.