Time to think: Flos for the planet


How do you distinguish a sustainable object from a non-sustainable one?  It’s not always easy to tell at first glance, especially when we have a lamp with a reduced size and impeccable lines.

Oplight, by Flos is a future-proof and timeless light, created by long-time collaborator Jasper Morrison. An exercise in simplicity, it continues along the theme of Super Normal that runs throughout all Jasper Morrison’s work, the Oplight shows us that a technically advanced product can be made with respect to the environment.

With a shell made of die-cast aluminium - a lightweight, long-lasting material that is easy to recycle. No glue has been used. The colour consists of a powder coating, which does not require solvents, and the LED source has a lifetime of more than 50,000 hours.



Flos are committed to both timeless design, and sustainability, for the two go hand in hand. Their sustainability belief is, “ Flos is deeply convinced that the creation of light through the conception and the design of new lighting solutions is an act of profound responsibility.”

What does this mean?

By 2023 their commitment is that all packaging is recyclable.

Increasing durability through regenerative design, which extends the product lifecycle optimising reuse, refurbishment and recycling techniques.

Investing in carbon credits supporting planet-friendly initiatives.

Adding taking care of the planet alongside its existing pillars of design and innovation and committing to producing both beautiful and sustainable lighting.

Jasper Morrison - OpLight


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