The Sustainable Collection by Cimmermann

We pick out our favourite pieces that have sustainability as much as a modern aesthetic woven into their DNA.

If you've been following us for a while, you'll know that buy once and use forever is one of our founding beliefs, and why we set up Cimmermann in 2004.

We believe in buying once and using for our lifetime, and beyond. Because the pieces we sell will last more than just our lifetime.

Design classics like an Eames Lounge Chair simply wrap our stories into their fabric and pass them down to future generations. 

Here are some of our favourite sustainable pieces from The Sustainable Collection of modern furniture and lighting.

Vitra Tipton chair RE

The Vitra Tipton chair was originally designed by duo Barber and Osgerby in 2011. The new Tip Ton RE chair for Vitra was developed in 2020 in recycled plastic. Made out of recycled household waste, particularly used packaging, the material is extremely high quality, as one would expect from Vitra. It also generates 54% less climate-damaging emissions than petroleum-based primary plastics.

The dark grey hue is the natural shade of the recycled material. The product itself is 100% recyclable and is stackable, and features the same forward tilting ability which straightens the pelvis and spine, improving circulation to the abdominal and back muscles.

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Flos Oplight

Jasper Morrison, legendary British designer, is known for designing objects that are simple and familiar in form, yet full of character and refreshing. 

Oplight fuses his characteristic simplicity with full respect for the environment and the latest tech advances. It fuses with his recurring theme of Super Normal. The light features a board of LED’s covered by a panel to deflect the light at an angle, away from the wall. Designed to fit as many architectural ambiences as possible, each element is sustainable and can be replaced and recycled individually.

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Hay Arbour

Arbour Eco is the first-ever sofa created by a Danish company to receive the prestigious Nordic Swan Ecolabel for sustainable production. Designed by Andreas Engesvik and Daniel Rybakken, the concept of the sofa is that design should follow construction, so that each component can be produced and replaced separately, giving the product as a whole a timeless life.

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Eames Lounge chair for Vitra

As we said above, when you invest in an Eames Lounge Chair - perhaps the ultimate piece of mid-century modern design you can buy, you're buying much more than a piece of furniture.

A classic piece of American design history, this is the chair that shaped the design world, based on the curiosity the Eames' had in 'reinventing the old English club chair'. His vision, according to his grandson, Eames Demetrios, was to use rosewood because they wanted the Lounge Chair and Ottoman to have "the warm, receptive look of a well-used baseball glove."

We sell the licensed original that only Vitra, on behalf of the Eames Estate, are allowed to produce in the UK.

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Fritz Hansen No.2 Recycled dining chair

Designed by Japanese design studio Nendo for Fritz Hansen, the recycled dining chair is made from up-cycled plastic household waste (all European) that is also 100% recyclable. The crease in the chairs back is inspired by a folded piece of paper and is designed to give the upper and lower back extra support. It comes in seven colours, all inspired by the nature of Scandinavia. The chair will work as a dining chair or as a standalone chair with a table or desk.

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HAY Elementaire chair

Designed by Paris-based duo Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec, the Élémentaire chair uses 100% recycled polypropylene. It features very precise proportions and a clear profile and is designed for everyday use. As well as being durable, the chairs are resistant to UV so can be used inside and out. We think you'll agree it's both aesthetically pleasing and comes in five beautiful hues.

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View the full Sustainable Collectionfor more inspiration.

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