Seeking inspiration in the everyday with HAY

The story of HAY is a story of love and a shared passion for reimagining the future of Danish design. 

HAY, the contemporary and much-coveted Danish design brand, has a very clear proposition to encourage Danish design to return to its mid-century greatness but with a thoroughly contemporary lense and the brand is on a mission to make great design affordable to more people.

Rolf and Mette (who grew up in her parents’ design store) are the couple behind the brand that they founded in 2002.

By the time Rolf, a designer, and Mette, who grew up in her parents’ design store met, Rolf was launching HAY with Troels Holch Povisen.

“I think the timing of our meeting was very opportune,” Rolf says in an interview with Surface magazine. “From the onset of our relationship we both agreed that we wanted to do contemporary furniture and accessories in an affordable context.”

Inspired by the past, dedicated to the present

Rather than only looking backwards for inspiration, HAY looks all around. Seeking inspiration from architecture, art and fashion to keep pace with the world and their finger on the pulse of the cultural landscape.

Co-founder Mette Hay says: “I have always been extremely fascinated by everyday objects. I love working on products that we have in our hand every day, for me every day life is my inspiration.”

From Denmark to the world

In fact, HAY is a brand that is inspired by the work of Charles & Ray Eames, and Herman Miller - a driving force behind their current partnership with MIllerKnoll - who share similar values. Since 2019 they have worked together to take the modern Danish aesthetic to the US and MillerKnoll are now a major share holder in the business.

One of the things that make HAY who they are, is their commitment to collaborating with exciting designers who share their vision. 

According to designer Shane Schneck they’ve “managed to stay ahead of the zeitgeist. They anticipate what the consumer will want before the know what they want.

George Sowden, who collaborated with HAY on their range of bright, functional kitchen appliances, says: “The aesthetic of HAY is welcoming. It has the energy of a new brand, the speed of a small brand.”

Some of our favourite HAY products here are:


"HAY Mags sofa and Mags soft sofa are definitely one of our all time favourites from HAY. We have an anthracite grey one in our own home, such a simple design, with a distinctively loungy feel and is extremely comfortable. It comes in 2 versions, the HAY Mags and the HAY Mags soft which has softer lines and aesthetic "


Quilton Sofa

"HAY Quilton sofa is our new favourite from their collection, we love the quilted design and proportions of the sofa. HAY’s Quilton has a voluminous silhouette, high arm rests and deep seats, making them just right for relaxed sitting, lounging and lazing. "


DLM table

"We love the HAY DLM side table, it has a handle on the top which is the idea behind the name, 'Don't Leave Me', it can easily be transported around the home to wherever you need it, a truly flexible piece of furnitute and a really functional alternative to traditional coffee tables."


Bubble lamp

"The HAY Bubble light collection was originally designed by George Nelson in 1947; its a true mid-century classic. The gentle diffused light from the bubble light is perfect for living spaces and bedrooms and is cemented as one of our favourites"


Want to learn more? Watch the HAY Vision below


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