The New Hay Collection Autumn 22

Two future classic new ranges have been unveiled by Hay this year and we think you're going to love them. Read on for more inspiration or shop the new Hay collection here.

The Pier System

Designed by longtime Hay collaborators, the French brothers Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec (creators of one of our Hay favourites, Hay Palissade outdoor furniture), the Pier system is a multi-functional shelving system designed for modern life.

Made from lightweight aluminium and steel, Hay Pier system features a hidden wall-mount so the aesthetic is light. The system is designed to be adapted as your life evolves with its durable and functional feel. Every element can be moved around, configured and reconfigured as you need. It comes as a flat-pack so it's easy to assemble, reconfigure and recycle, and can be used for work, living, wardrobe and more, and comes in a variety of colour ways.

The inspiration behind the system was an old woodworking studios that displayed tools along its walls. 


The Hay Colour cabinets

Designed in collaboration with Muller Van Severen, the Belgian husband-and-wife design duo Hannes Van Severen and Fien Muller and Hay. Originally trained as a sculptor and artist respectively, Muller Van Severen describe their designs as "landscapes for living".

Their latest collection is the Hay Colour Cabinet that has a nod to the Bauhaus movement and Art Deco.

According to Muller Van Severen:

These pieces are very simple and rigid in frame; they look like boxes. But what happens inside is rather wild and playful. We like that; it’s like a restrained wildness.'

The blend of colour and functionality certainly feels playful and aesthetically pleasing. The Colour Cabinets can be wall mounted or floor standing and includes where required glass doors, or be left open as a display cabinet.

The cabinets are crafted in organically dyed Valchromat, it comes in a number of sizes and variations.

Muller Van Severen have collaborated with Vitra Museum and the Musée des Arts Décoratifs Paris as well as won awards. The pair describes their minimalist, material-driven designs as “landscapes for living.

We love Hay at Cimmermann, everything feels fresh and functional and builds on the classic Danish aesthetic whilst feeling totally future proof and playful too.

Shop the new Hay Collection here.

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