Modern furniture for you to invest in

At Cimmermann we believe firmly in our motto, ‘Buy once, keep forever’, it's the way Matt and I live our lives, it's good for the planet and it's also a great investment if you choose wisely. Yes, good quality does cost more, but there is a lot of truth in the old saying "buy cheap, buy twice".

From a sustainability perspective, there are many hidden costs of cheap, fast furniture, not least the cost to the planet. Choosing pieces that have a story, that you know who designed it and with what function it has, creates a story and a connection with you and the pieces you choose for your home.

Mid-century modern, vintage and modern design holds its value over time. Many of the classic, iconic pieces of furniture we sell were designed decades ago, but still feel modern today.

We love the idea of buying furniture that's from the past, still feels modern, and that we know we can pass down to the next generation. The feel of the buttery soft Eames Lounge Chair, the gently curved lines of a classic Carl Hansen + Son Wishbone Chair. They are a story to be passed down, to connect us with the past, present and future. Here are some of our favourite investments:

USM storage

USM Haller Storage is timeless, beautiful and adaptable. With its simple clean lines it can slot in with all styles of furniture. It can remain a constant in your home whilst the passing trends in interior design go by.

In an interview about USM for the Mad About The House blog, Ian Waddell CEO of USM UK said “the mood is changing, where we might have once have bought two or three pieces of cheap furniture, throwing them away if they broke and replacing them with something new (and possibly cheap) we might now spend the same amount on a pieces that will last”


Vitra Eames Lounge chair

One of the world's most iconic lounge chairs, the Eames lounge chair will always retain its value and will be around a lifetime and more.

Just as it did when it was designed 60 years ago, the production of the Vitra Eames Lounge Chair today requires fourty-seven different steps, many of which must be performed by hand. 

The meticulous execution of each step, in combination with premium quality materials, ensures the quality that makes the Vitra Eames Lounge Chair last for generations. This combined with the exemplary Vitra customer service will keep your lounge chair in tip top condition. If anything might ever need to be repaired, Vitra Service is there to help, if there is a part that needs repairing or replacing that can be easily organised with Vitra's customer service.


Knoll Tulip table

Designed in 1958, the Knoll Tulip Table is as relevant and modern today as it was 60 years ago when it was designed. The Tulip Table, fits in with any setting , in any style of interiors. Vintage versions can be found on sale and in auctions showing how they keep their value, here’s an example.


Finn Juhl Chieftan chair

Finn Juhl is considered the grandfather of Danish Modern design. One of his most famous designs is the Chieftain chair, with its organic shapes, innovative construction, high quality materials, craftsmanship and design details.

This chair will be a part of your home forever. The original versions of chair rarely sell for less than six figures at auctions.


Carl Hansen Wishbone chair

Hans Wegner is known as the ‘master of the chair’ and is one of the most famous furniture designers in the world. The Wishbone Chair is his most famous design.

The top rail of the chair is steam curved to make it the perfect curved shape for sitting in comfort , the steaming of the top rail is just one of the 100 stages in the manufacturing process. The seat is woven from 120metres of paper cord which can last up to 50 years. It's a true classic, crafted to last.


Vitra Jean Prouvé standard chair

Jean Prouvé is seen as one of the greatest designers in the 20th century.

His furniture designs have become iconic in the world of design.

His original standard chairs sold in auction for around 5000 euros in 2010, they now sell for over 20,000 euros. See source.


Flos Snoopy light

Designed in 1967, the Flos Snoopy light looks like it was designed today. The simple design combination of marble and glass will never date and you will love it more and more as time goes on.

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