Back to the 70s with the Swiss classic Rey Collection

The most successful Swiss chair of all time, the Rey Chair, is part of a collection by HAYand Stein am Rhein based Dietiker, to bring the eponymous Rey Collection into today.

As a world, we’re hungrier than ever for nostalgia in the things we seek, the aesthetic we crave, the culture we consume. Iconic, innovative, and inventive. Yes. A classic example of Swiss Industrial design. Yes.

But the Rey collection is so much more than nostalgic and is more than worthy of the many superlatives that are commonly used to describe it.

First produced in 1971, it was one of many experiments made by the newly established designer Bruno Rey. The screwless signature wood-to metal connection was a first at the time, the clear and simple design that also features soft curves feels retro and thoroughly modern at the same time. First known as Model 3330, the Rey was conceived in 1971 and patented and produced by Dietiker the following year. 

Who was Bruno Rey?

Born in Brugg, Switzerland in 1933, Bruno Rey took an apprenticeship as a cabinet maker at the Zurich School of Applied Arts, where he attended classes with Willy Guhl, reknowned for the Loop Chair.  In 1968 he opened his own studio in Baden and it was here that he began many experiments in designing chairs, inspired initially by the Eames’ and their use of plastic, before creating the Rey, the chair that fully established his career.

The Rey Collection for HAY is almost the same as it was when first designed. Moderated in dimensions and an updated form, the strength and vision of Rey’s design is clear and simple and feels modern and relevant today.

Meet the full collection:


HAY Rey dining chair

The original chair, and central to the collection is this striking, simple and pleasing dining chair with its rounded edges and curved backrest. Updated for today, it comes in nine colours, in solid wood, it's also stackable meaning it's durable and convenient for domestic and commercial uses.

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Hay Rey Upholstered dining chair


As a sibling to the solid wood version, the upholstered chair has solid beech legs and plastic gliders with the seat and back made out of moulded plywood and beech top. The seat is upholstered in Kvadrat Steelcut or Steelcut Trio and comes in six different wool fabric colour combinations.

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Hay Rey Bar Stool

With the same screwless wood-to-metal connection, the stool is uncluttered and soft-edged but still iconic and always modern. The footrest is chrome and the stool is available in the original colours from 1971 as well as new tones and upholstered seat options.

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Hay Rey coffee table

The HAY Rey table, like the accompanying chairs, feels simple, with angled legs to balance the gently rounded edges. With that classic modern functional feel, it's suitable for both home and commercial use. Made out of a solid beech frame, the table comes in five colours, including soft pastel shades.

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Hay Rey dining table

The Hay Rey dining table looks completely modern and forward thinking, you would never believe it had been designed in 1971. 

Defined by an attractive detail where the table's thin legs meet the bevelled top, the Rey Table Top is a remarkably enticing design. Leaving a slight gap between the two elements, the legs and tabletop attach through Rey's innovative screwless production process, a detail retained from the original 1971 collection

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Hay Rey low stool

Like its dining chair siblings, the low stool features gently rounded curves and a simple design. Also stackable, it can be used in home or commercial environments. It comes in five colours, including the original 1971 shades.

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