Seven ways with String Shelving

“String - Modern Since 1949” 

There are many reasons why String Shelving has such enduring popularity - it’s one of our best-selling items - its flexibility, iconic aesthetic and ability to work in pretty much any setting are just a few of their celebrated designs.

String Shelving has been developed over time to have a multitude of possible combinations for every room, inside and out. 

The history

In 1949 publishing house Bonnier held a competition to design an affordable bookshelf to encourage Swedes to read (and buy) more books. Nils and Kajsa Strinning entered, and won the competition and subsequently became the most-bought furniture in Sweden.

Here are some of our favourite ways to get the timeless essence of Scandinavia in your house:

1 / Galvanised String for utility and outside spaces

If you like an indoor / outdoor look then the galvanised colourway is proving popular and it can be used indoors and outdoors thanks to its weatherproof coating. It can be left uncovered outside all year. It can also be made into a freestanding display shelving, helping you transform an outside space or utility area.


2 / For a modern kitchen

The String philosophy and a modern kitchen are in harmony. The idea of a functional-yet-aesthetically pleasing system works so well in kitchens. There are hooks for pans, magazine shelves to store recipe books, the fold-out table that is ideal for small spaces, hanging rails for glasses. Whatever combination you choose, the sleek lines are a subtle, but beautiful way, to make your kitchenware stand out.


3 / Sideboard joy

The String sideboard is contemporary with a mid-century feel when you buy it in walnut. There are magazine shelves, floor panels, three sliding door cabinets with shelves.

String Sideboard Walnut


4 / Display

“The side panels of String give the shelf character. It’s a slender “ladder” that just seems to climb up the walls.”

Peter Erlandsson, CEO of String

We love the magazine shelf, to display coffee table books and your collected items and personal treasures. It's almost like the museum of your home where you can show your personality against a favourite Scandinavian backdrop.

String Magazine Shelf Wood


5 / As a bathroom cabinet

The mirrored, simple cabinet makes the classic side panels stand out and includes a rail to hang your towel, and you can add hooks, rods and organisers to make your bathroom products look their best.

String Bathroom System


6 / Working from home

Post 2020, more of us than ever are working from home, and it’s set to continue. The great resignation is unstoppable, more people want flexibility to do their own thing and get out of a corporate environment.

String works well for the smaller space, with their foldout tables that can be put away at the end of the working day, office pods with sit-stand tables. Where function and design meet is where String is. A pleasing equilibrium.

String Work Desk

7 / To create a harmonious bedroom

What String does really well is think about how to get maximum storage for your clothes but also display your favourite objects so the aesthetic is pleasing and personal. If you’d love an authentic Scandinavian feel in your bedroom then click for inspiration.

String Bedroom System

View the entire String Shelving collection here. You can use the String Shelves Configurator to build your own (we can help with this) or buy one of our ready-to-go String set designs.


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