Vitra Cone Clock


With the diversity of materials used and their shapes, George Nelsons clocks embody the "joie de vivre" of the 1950's. To this day they look as fresh and modern as when they were first designed and are a perfect alternative to the usual timekeepers.

  • Material: Brass, acrylic glass and polyurethane. High-grade quartz clockwork. Includes a battery
  • Dimensions: Height: 170mm, Width: 150mm, Depth: 155mm
  • Delivery Time: 8/10 weeks
Designed By

George Nelson, born 1908 in Hartford, Connecticut (USA), studied architecture at Yale University. A fellowship enabled him to study at the American Academy in Rome from 1932 to 1934. In Europe, he became acquainted with the major architectural works and leading protagonists of modernism. George Nelson transformed everyday objects into art, such as his iconic sunburst clock.