USM Haller Home office Configuration 1

Fritz Haller

USM Haller modular furniture originated in 1963 and has become a classic in terms of design and functionality.

  • Materials: Powder coated metal panels with chromed tubular frame. Adjustable feet. Product Code QS B22 
  • Dimensions:Height: 74cm x Width: 152.3cm x Depth: 37.3cm
  • Delivery: 6/8 weeks
    • Available in 15 iconic colours

      Designed By
      Fritz Haller was born in 1924 in Switzerland. He is perhaps the best example of an architect who has successfully transferred their architectural competence into furniture design. After qualifying as a draftsman Haller initially gathered experience through short engagements with numerous Swiss architects before travelling to Rotterdam to help work on post-war re-building projects. In 1949 Fritz Haller returned and began working in his father Bruno’s architecture firm. Defining in Haller’s work – be it his architecture or his furniture – is his use of extendable and repeatable quadratic modular systems; a sort of building block system. This building block furniture now created by USM Haller offers a storage solution for every need.