Hay Hee Dining Chair

Hee Welling

Hay Hee Dining Chair is an eco-friendly chair made from materials that are easily recyclable. The Hay Hee Dining Chair is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and can be stacked up to 20 pieces high.

  • Colour: Black, White and Grey
  • Material: Frame in powder coated galvanized solid steel.
  • Dimensions: Height: 78cm (seat height: 46cm) x Width: 58cm x Depth: 50cm
  • Delivery Time:Around 6 weeks
Designed By

Hee Welling is a Danish furniture designer who founded his own studio in Copenhagen in 2003. His designs are deeply routed in Scandinavian design culture yet offer a modern twist. Welling has received a number of design awards, including the Bo Bedre Award (Denmark), Good Design Award (USA) and has been nominated as the Danish designer of the year twice.