Fabula Living Thor Rug

Jens Landberg Schroder
The Thor rug is a pile carpet and is handmade using the finest wool sourced from New Zealand in a mix of bold and more muted tones. Designed by Fabula Living - a Danish brand that produces high quality handmade rugs with strong Scandinavian design influence.

  • Materials: Hand-made rug in New Zealand wool on cotton warp

  • Dimensions: 160cm x 230cm or 200cm x 300cm

  • Delivery: Around 2 weeks

  • Handmade product that should be cared for as recommended below by Fabula Living -

  • We always recommend that you use an underlay to extend the life of your rug. An underlay ensures that the rug remains in a fixed position. It also reduces the risk of any staining. Kilim rugs are reversible. We recommend that you turn your rug over every six months. Do not place your rug in direct sunlight.

  • Daily cleaning: Vacuum your rug as needed. Never vacuum your rug with the brushes of your vacuum cleaner nozzle in the extended position. You can also give your rug a gentle shake outside. Do not beat your rug.

  • Spot cleaning: Dab the spot very gently with a damp cloth soaked in carbonated water.

  • More thorough cleaning: We recommend professional cleaning.