Artek 64 Bar Stool

Alvar Aalto

An iconic design that has stood the test of time since its introduction in 1935. It is a great example of Alvar Aalto's love of birch and shows his ability to create smooth curved wooden surfaces.

  • Materials: Natural Lacquered Birch Legs, Top - Laminate, Limoleum or Lacquered birch
  • Dimensions: Height - 75cm x Diameter - 54.5cm
  • Delivery: Around 6 weeks
Designed By

Born in 1898 Aalto is one of the most important Finnish architect's of the 20th century who was a central figure in international modernism. His designs whether buildings or product are iconic and have influenced many designers since. During a long and prolific career, Aalto designed buildings for almost all key public institutions, as well as standardised housing and private homes. One of the co-founders of Artek, Aalto left a legacy with lasting resonance. His Artek 60 Stool is one of his most simple yet memorable designs.