How to create a happier home

The modern world is busy, urban, becoming less green and more than ever we need our homes to help us relax, switch off and find sanctuary from the outside, inside.

We are distilling everything we've learned about Happiness in the Home over twenty years of running our business. Get access to some of the juiciest, most inspirational resources and insight for you to take action and rethink your home for happiness.

Re-think your home

The impact of our home environment is more important than ever as we often work at home, have family and children living with us longer. Rethinking the formatting of your home can make a big difference to how everybody feels. 

A shared communal space to come together. Space for everybody to retreat in. Areas for work and study are productive and motivational. Multi-use living encapsulated in modernist principles is a recipe for happiness, we believe. Let's show you how.

Part 1 - The science of well-being at home 

We look at why our home environments has such an effect on our sense of happiness and the contributing factors, so you can look at areas to focus on in your own home.

Part 2 - How to express yourself at home

Our homes are mirrors, so how can we be more ourselves through the choices we make at home.

We explore how we can articulate our beliefs, values and stories through the spaces we create.

Part 3 -A space for everyone

Post lockdown our homes have become more important than ever, as multi-use spaces and being fit for multi-generations too.

We explore how you can use design principles to ensure maximum adaptability in your home.

Part 4 - Conscious Living

We explore purpose, what buying more sustainably means, and how you can use the circular economy to bring a longer life to your home.

Part 5 - Inspiration

We will send your our personal reading list, as well as our top accounts to follow and exclusive interviews with people who inspire us too.