Time to buy: The winter lighting you need

The clocks have gone back, the nights are cosier and we all want to be wrapped up at home. It's the time to turn on the lights - here's some of our favourite winter lighting to invest in:

Foscarini chouchin

The design inspiration of the Chouchin is based on old Japanese Lanterns. The base of the diffuser is illuminated when the light is on creating a beautiful effect.

It includes three shapes, each with its own colour: orange for the large version, grey for the small version and green for the elongated one.

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 &tradition formakami

An ultra light pendant lamp of rice paper, echoing ancient lanterns from Asia, reinvented in a modern way. Dating back centuries, paper lanterns have featured in Asia amongst the privileged and the poor, where different colours, shapes and sizes connote different meanings.

Here Hayon has dispensed with cultural formalities to create a series of lanterns hand crafted with rice paper merging various sizes and shapes together.

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Hay Bonbon

Inspired by her drawings, Ana Kraš’ Bonbon Lamps are hand-woven using an original weaving technique to create textured, one-of-a-kind pieces.

In her lampshade collaboration with HAY, she uses the same idea of wrapping cotton-wool yarn around powder-coated steel frames to create individual lampshades that vary slightly in their appearance and texture.

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Flos Glo-Ball

The Glo-Ball Collection by Jasper Morrison was created in 1998 to call to mind the radiant glow of a full moon in a clear sky, in a fluid round form crafted from hand-blown, etched white opaline glass.

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Gubi Multi-Lite

The Multi-Lite Collection was designed in 1972 and embraces the golden era of Danish design. It's known for its characteristic shape of two opposing outside, mobile shades that enable the creation of personal installation and a wide range of lighting values in a room.

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