Foscarini Big Bang Suspension Light

Foscarini Big Bang is a large scale, statement suspension lamp made of intersections of white metacrylate panels. A dynamic composition that offers diffused and reflected light.

  • Material: Methacrylate and lacquered metal
  • Dimensions: Height: 660mm, Diameter: 960mm
  • Cable length 3.2 metres (10 metres available on request)
  • Delivery Time: Around 3/4 normally
  • Bulbs: Halogen energy saver 1x160W R7s (118mm) or LED Retrofit


Designed By

Vicente Garcia Jimenez studied in Florence and graduated in architecture at the University of Venice. In 1972 he was invited to the Biennale Exhibition of decorative arts in Venice, exhibiting two objects produced by the Livio Seguso glass-manufactory in Murano. In 1978 his first personal exhibition at Plurima Gallery in Udine marked the beginning of his interest in minimal architecture. At the same time however he became interested in architecture and interior and product design. In 2003 he moved to Italy where he meets Enrico Franzolini, and starts collaborating with him.